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Surowidjojo & Co. is a boutique law firm with two co-founders, Arief Tarunakarya Surowidjojo and Adil Widoyoko Surowidjojo working closely in collaboration with:

  • Hukumonline (www.hukumonline.com), the leading Regulatory Technology (RegTech) platform in Indonesia, empowering businesses with the regulatory knowledge and cutting-edge technology to effortlessly comply with laws and regulations.
  • Tridaya Advisory (www.tridaya-advisory.com), a governance consulting company co-founded by seasoned governance experts Erry Riyana Hardjapamekas, Kemal Stamboel and Arief T. Surowidjojo,
  • Pusat Studi Hukum & Kebijakan Indonesia (the Law and Policy Study Center, PSHK – www.pshk.or.id), one of the finest law research centres in Indonesia focusing on legal reforms, legislation drafting, and public policy advocacy, and
  • A group of experienced corporate and litigation lawyers working independently with Surowidjojo & Co. For large transactions requiring more legal experts, we collaborate with large and finest Jakarta and other city law firms that adopt the same professional and ethical integrity as applied by Surowidjojo & Co. in our operations.

Our approach in assisting clients will be personal, business solution-based, and upholding their integrity and reputation.

Almost half a century, the team of Surowidjojo & Co. has weathered many economic and political crisis and storm in Asia, or whenever Asian regions are impacted by global economic and crisis.

It is noteworthy that Arief T Surowidjojo was tasked by the Indonesian government to lead a team of Indonesian lawyers in helping the government to overcome the banking crisis in 1998 until several years thereafter. During the period, the economic crisis was worsened by the collapse of the political ruler who pushed Indonesia into a multi-dimension crisis. Hundreds of banks collapsed, thousands of corporations dissolved, taken over or sold in fire sales. The team led by Arief T. Surowidjojo faced not only the lack of good regulations pertaining economic crisis management, but also the collapse or absence of state institutions required to do the banking and corporate restructuring, and also integrity and governance issues of New Order corrupt officials.

Again, in 2002, Arief T. Surowidjojo was asked by the Indonesian Government to lead a team of seasoned lawyers to conduct a governance review on the compliance of biggest debtors that had received Central Bank Liquidity Loans to pay such loans, a delicate process which was very sensitive politically, and forced the Government to take a bold stand against big conglomerates and their political backers.

In 2008, when the global recession reached the peak in the US, Europe and other big economies, Indonesia was impacted by the dry out of financial liquidity in the banking sector, and this threatened to cause another banking crisis in Indonesia. During such critical moment, Arief T Surowidjojo was called again to advise the Government to make crucial decision to save the banking systems.

It proves that Surowidjojo & Co. is the right lawyer in providing legal advice for decision makers in time of crisis. They could be the people in the government, boards of big corporations, capital market or direct investment players.

Managing crisis in this region, in this country, cannot be only done merely by using power, but it involves artistic ability of managing the harmony, and mutual interests of stakeholders impacted by the decision. This could only be done by seasoned lawyer who has surfed the chopping waters of crisis.

In the years to come, uncertainties become the only thing certain. Crisis, disruptions, changes, tensions and clashed of countries and regions will continue to haunt economic development. Decision makers need legal people who understand to navigate in the crowded laws and regulations, strengthen position in conflict situations, and balancing the interests of the impacted parties.

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