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We have explored and faced various legal challenges with our clients for almost half a century.

Surowidjojo and Co.’s mission is to continue providing high-level strategic legal advice in the increasingly complex and nuanced environment that is Indonesia, offering our expertise honed over almost half a century of legal practice.

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We define law as a powerful tool to safeguard and advance the interests of our clients.

Establishment of New Venture

Surowidjojo & Co. has a wealth of experience in serving foreign and Indonesian clients with all kinds of backgrounds of legal systems and legal and corporate culture.

Shareholders Collaboration

The success of a corporation in achieving its targeted vision, mission and business plan depends on how collaboration among its shareholders could be effectively maintained and improved during its corporate journey.

Shareholders Dispute Settlement

There is nothing that could potentially be more damaging to corporations than a disagreement or dispute among shareholders.

Shaping Urban Impact:
Our Expertise in Law

From experienced lawyers to specialists in various fields of law, our team is an invaluable resource to guide you through every aspect of your legal issues. We believe that our diverse backgrounds and expertise enable us to provide high quality legal services.

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Arief Tarunakarya Surowidjojo

Arief Tarunakarya Surowidjojo

Has been focusing his practice in the areas of good governance, corporate restructuring, refinancing, corporate finance, capital market, investment, complex business contract negotiation and drafting, shareholders and minority protection, environmental, natural resources and advisory in corporate dispute resolutions.

Adil Widoyoko Surowidjojo

Adil Widoyoko Surowidjojo

Currently serves as legal consultant specializing in the area of anti-corruption compliance, environmental compliance, anti-money laundering, asset recovery as well as general Indonesian corporate law.

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The Valentine’s Day Democracy

16 Oct 2023

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